5 Tips on Costing your Custom Home

For most anyone, planning to build your custom home is one of the top single projects you will ever tackle in your lifetime.

Trying to figure out how much it will cost can be a difficult process but it is vital to know how much you will be spending and how the money will be distributed before your custom home builder shows up on site.

At Contegrity Contracting we have worked with a wide range of clients helping them realize their dreams and not only them owning their homes but building them from scratch.

We have developed some basic steps involved in costing your new home project and the steps you should consider.

Size and Type Of Land

This first step will be probably the most important step. Depending on the size of the land you choose, where its located (rural or urban), and the geography of the land will all come into play at how much your custom home will cost.

In Swift Current there are lots behind the new hospital which you can see locations at city hall. Then there are lots at Cypress Point which is right beside the luxurious Elmwood Golf Course. The homes on these lots carry architectural controls, meaning you will have to abide on certain types and quantities of materials, as well as maintaining one of the four design styles required by the City.

All these lots have utilities to the property line, then it will be the homeowners and contractors responsibility to bring them to the building.

Most of these lots are in good shape and as far as being rocky or uneven, it wouldn’t be a concern. If you are looking to build in a rural area you will need to check the land, and if there’s unevenness or rocky areas you will need to spend the extra cost to get the ground level and smooth.

Each location of land has its own characteristics so understanding how working with these will impact the final construction cost is essential. We at Contegrity Contracting can inspect any land before the client makes the final offer to purchase and will advise on any construction issues we foresee.

Design of your Home

A common mindset is the larger your custom home, the more it is going to cost. Once your land has been selected, our design team can get to work on the greater detail of your home.

We will not only be providing you plans but also we make sure that those plans are implemented properly on your lot, on the outside of your home and on the inside of your home.

The cost of materials you want to use and the quality of installations can also be implemented in this stage. For example, are you wanting luxury glass in the windows or energy-saving features. This will all affect the cost involved. Making the right selections is vital. It’s so important to work with a company that does both the design and build to offer you options and to direct you on budget.

With our team we provide experienced design professionals, experienced architect professional as well experienced builder knowledge and budget. This gives you what you want with budget continually in mind.


After the last steps have been completed, and you have approved all your selections, the cost of constructing your new home becomes a lot easier and a way more enjoyable experience. Materials are at a set amount. The Builder knows what quantity is required and the necessary labour to complete the home.

Now throughout the construction stage, this may not always go as planned and your builder might have to jump through hoops to bring it all together. It’s imperative that your builder has a schedule, and that he is keeping to that schedule. If he doesn’t have a schedule, RUN!!!

Openness and transparency with your builder is key!! At Contegrity Contracting, we strive for open communication and this is why we use a project management system that tracks communication with the home owner, our suppliers, our trades (plumbers, electricians, drywallers, framers etc). In our online system you can see the construction schedule, receive daily logs with pictures of the days’ progress, see your selections and get updates on your budget. Every client we have talked to since we began this system has raved about how awesome this is. This system builds trust and a transparency you can’t obtain from the average builder.

Interior Design

Choosing the interior design of your home is as important as the construction. This includes everything from your wall color to the kitchen counters choice to the bathroom you want. Going from flooring transitions to picking out styles of light is all important. One key word for this stage is PRIORITIZE! These elements can always be added in at a later date.

What we do Best

Contegrity will help you with every stage of the construction home process, from initial CONCEPT DRAWINGS to FULL COMPLETION to home visits every 3 months for the next two years after you move in. We realize that doing a project like this means a lot to you, and you should and will have high expectations.

We bring many years of experience and a great reputation to the table. Being highly customer focused, our aim is to deliver your dream and not dictate what your dream should be.

If you are searching for a friendly, transparent and talented home construction team to work with, contact Contegrity Contracting today.


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