A True Timeline on Building a Custom Home

Do you want to build a new home in the next 2 years?
You should start your project now.

Have you been thinking about venturing into building a custom home?
At Contegrity, building custom homes is our game, and we love every second of it! From the first step of concept plans to the last laid brick and handover day, the building process is one of the most fun and rewarding projects you can endeavour to do! We guarantee it!
However, it is not always a quick process, no matter how prepared you think you might be.

One of the tough truths we often have to communicate to our clients is that the process is a long one. When it comes to a realistic building timeline, it is all about making sure every step works together as seamlessly as possible… but it is also making sure that no stone is left unturned. The best decision you can make…

Start your project early!!!
If you are looking to build a custom home next spring (2022), start the process NOW.

Here’s Why:

What does the timeline for a custom home look like with Contegrity Contracting?

At Contegrity, we are proud of our ability to complete client projects with finesse and style, but also with a decent amount of speed. However, we always make sure that all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed, just like any good builder. While it would be fantastic to build and finish your dream home in 2 months, that’s just not realistic.

We have divided our whole experience into seven main parts. While this is what it looks like to build with Contegrity, these are stages that are typical with any custom home build… and they take time.

Step 1: Finding your Builder

  • Find the right team to help turn your project vision into reality. When looking for the right builder, we’ll always encourage you to take your time. The team will be the hands and feet of your new home and we obviously are big fans of recommending a design-build firm, like us, that gets it!

Step 2: Discovery

  • Next? The discover phase. Here is where you’ll finally start discussing the aspects of your project with your building team. At Contegrity, this is a huge piece of the puzzle. Our clients always fill out a comprehensive design questionnaire that goes deep into their vision.

Step 3: Design and Pre-construction

  • It all starts getting real in the third stage, and the design begins to be drawn out. The best part is our 3D virtual touring that can happen in your new home. You will also meet with the design-build team to discuss everything from appearance to functionality. At this point soil testing is done and land surveys are completed. This stage proves how valuable the right team can be, as getting through the design and pre-construction phase, is often the most time consuming step.

Step 4: Building Up

  • Your project will start to take shape in this stage, which consist of the foundation, framing, roof, windows and the exterior finishing. Truly, this stage is where the true bones of your home are set. While you won’t be able to see the end result quite yet, this step gives you a good picture of your future home. It is also a very exciting step. Typically this step goes quickly.

Step 5: All the Finesse Work

  • This stage is also fun as the project starts to show massive change. Things like your flooring, tile, cabinetry, paint, lighting and plumbing fixtures all start to come together. This is often our clients (and designers) favourite part of the entire process.

Step 6: Post-Construction

  • Finally, you did it! Your custom home build is complete, and all that’s left are wrap-up meetings and handing the keys over to your new home!

Step 7: Continued Communication

  • We wouldn’t want to just hand over the keys and leave. We like to follow up with you multiple times in the first year, to see what it really looks like to be living the dream. We believe this is an important part, as we are not just wanting to build homes, but also build relationships for years to come.

So why is building a custom home slow?
If you often asked yourself this question think about it this way… You will likely live in your custom home for years to come, if not longer. When you rush a custom home process with a team that doesn’t know what they’re doing, you can face a variety of issues. While wrapping up a custom build in a matter of months would be lovely, its just not realistic.

From shoddy workmanship to time wrapped up in permit battles, rushing through the process can often slow it down. Instead of moving to get your project done as fast as possible, choose Contegrity that can expedite your process while not skipping a single step.

Go ahead and connect with us… we are your dream home specialist and we love building custom homes!