'76 Ranch House

This Project Has History!

We were contacted to turn this 1888 building into our clients forever home. The '76 Ranch house was built in 1888 to house the foreman and ranch hands of the Canadian Agricultural Coal and Colonization Company. The Ranch was sold to Conrad and Price in 1906 and was used as a rooming and boarding house known as the Esmond Hotel. Later it was the districts first one-room school. It later became a scout house, a rented dwelling and a school unit office.

The project consisted of a removing all exterior cladding, removing the roof, and reinforcing the foundation and floor. We built new walls, constructed a new roof, and added stairs to the second floor. We also attached a garage and breezeway to the west side of the building.

We built the home to still carry the characteristics of the 1888 building, including the board and batten siding, which evolved in the United States as the more efficient alternative to log cabins. It gained its popularity right in the middle of the 19th century. Original ceiling boards from the second story were planed and repurposed in the breezeway ceiling. We also preserved the main floor, which adds a lot of character and uniqueness to the building. All our window trim was custom made to fit that era, with large baseboards at the floor.

Please feel free to scroll through our pictures of the finished home. This home will always have history, and for our clients, they will continue to make history in the beautiful home!!



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